The Foundation "Opera Campana dei Caduti" in collaboration with Spazio-Tempo






Music by Sasŕ Mendoza



September - October 2011


from 17 September to 16 October 2011


Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti - Colle di Miravalle

38068 Rovereto – Trento – ITALY

COORDINAMENTO PROGETTO   Roberto Ronca e Debora Salardi
IDEAZIONE   Roberto Ronca e Debora Salardi
COMUNICAZIONE   Debora Salardi



Fondazione Opera della Campana dei Caduti

Rovereto (Trento)




Luciano Civettini

Christian Fogarolli




WEBMASTER   Romano Nannini
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On 10th December 1948 , the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proclaimed: for the first
time in the history of humanity, a document concerning all the people of the world was
drawn up.
Everyone of us, only due to the fact that he was born, enjoys the rights endorsed by the
Everyone of us, regardless of the place where he was born and where he lives, enjoys these
Everyone of us has civil, political, social, economical and cultural rights. Everyone of us is equal to
the others.
Is it always so?
HUMAN RIGHTS? artists speak about human rights. The title, simple and direct, without
roundabout expressions, expresses the main idea which must go with everybody’s life.
In this event, uncomfortable, complex and denunciation subjects are dealt with, in order to sting
the conscience of all those who, enjoying their own rights, don’t think about all people whose
rights are violated every day.
The logic of HUMAN RIGHTS? is based on the fundamental concept of art as a universal
expressive form, understandable by everybody regardless of his language and culture, regardless
of his gender, of the subject and of the languages used.
Languages vary depending on the artists’ experience and mastery, and they create new
relationships with the audience, who approaches art feeling immediately involved and directly
concerned. Discomfort images, violated rights images, images about everyday stories which should
not exist, but even images which are able to deal with a delicate and difficult subject with wisdom
and, why not, irony.
The exhibition will highlight different ways to see the matter, since the event is open to artists from
all over the world. It becomes so particularly interesting to discover in which way the perception of
the concept of “respect of the rights” is experienced and expressed.
The event aims to shake consciences: it deeply wants to avoid common places brought by word
abuse: to speak about human rights has become so common that the words “human rights
violation” are deprived of all meaning and by now they touch us only at a distance when we hear
them, without getting them into our heads.
The most immediate way to retrieve that conscience, essential to be really part of a system which
respects everybody’s rights, is to see with one’s eyes all that artists have to say. Images insert
themselves in one’s memory in such an immediate and strong way that all those who visit it will
leave it more conscious and emotionally involved.
To speak about human rights, according to artists, means to “pull out” many ideas which can’t find
the space fit for the purpose in other events.
HUMAN RIGHTS? wants to be a strong signal to all the artists and to all those who will visit it.


Rovereto houses on the hill the great bell of the fallen, Maria Dolens, perceived and desired by the
priest of the city don Antonio Rossaro, right after the Great War, as eternal symbol of
condemnation of the conflict, pacification of the consciences, of brotherhood among men,
solidarity between peoples. made from the bronze of cannons offered by the nations participating
in the First World War, played the first toll on 4th October 1925 in the presence of King Vittorio
Emanuele III.
During these years the bell has made its voice heard playing every night one hundred tolls of
admonishment to life and to peace.
Statesman, Presidents and Ambassadors with citizens of each nations have honoured the bell and
they continue to hear as a voice of own conscience.
Eighty-four Nations have exposing their flag around Maria Dolens, first name of the Bell, along the
avenue of the Flags and in the Square of the People, to witness, visibly, the fidelity to a message,
to a sort a "Peace's Pact".
18th Jenuary 1968, by a decree of the President of Republic, Giuseppe Saragat, born as moral
entity the Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti. Among the Foundation's finality, particular
attention is given to the education of the new generations, to the peace culture, to the nonviolence
and to human rights.
Colle di Miravalle
Rovereto – Trento - Italy

Human rights at local level: the theme of EUROPEAN LOCAL DEMOCRACY WEEK (SEDL) 2011.
“Realisation of these rights is undeniably a priority, if we want to promote more inclusive
communities and to ensure social cohesion and good local governance”
On this concept HUMAN RIGHTS? wants to propose a larger view on the theme of respect
human rights, observing them from the point of view of the their violations, both in a global sense
both in local and daily sense.
The event is managed with Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti in Rovereto, a foundation
with a philosophy and an story full of meanings about human rights and has met with great
enthusiasm the exhibition.
There will be the opening on 17th September 2011.
During the vernissage on Friday 17th September there will take place artistic performances.
Further events can take place during all the weekend and all the next weekends, even during the
Saturday morning dedicated to children and school boys.
During the event there will take place some conferences about the issues of human rights, with a
careful view of the projects of Fondazione Campana dei Caduti.
Spazio-Tempo will animate all the month of the exhibition thanks to international artists’
performances, action paintings, meetings with artists who will be available to speak about their
During the exhibition
Spazio-Tempo will organize guided tours for groups of visitors and school